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The Biznezz Company Hi Everyone - Welcome to what you are all waiting for. A site built by an Internet Marketer FOR Internet Marketers and specialising In NEWBIES (ie people who want to work from home but have as much idea on how to start as a camel.

I dont know if you are thinking the same as us here in the UK but we are all basically pi***d off with the so called gurus ( I prefer to call them MORONS) who are conning all of you potential home internet businessmen by using actors in their overhyped adverts along with smart rented cars, houses and helicopters. Everytime I see one of them performing in future they will get some more advertising on this site, but not the type they will want.

I was going to call this site. Working From Home In Your Pyjamas but didnt in the end because I thought it made me sound as hyped up as those con merchants.

Let me get right to the point and instead of masking everything let me tell you what this site IS going to be and exactly what it will cost to join us here at The Biznezz Company. It is going to be a Membership Site especially geared up for everyone new to Internet Marketing who wants to get out of the Rat Race as well as intermediary home workers who want to learn even more skills.

Right up front I will tell you the cost and In promise you that there will be none of this business of starting off at £199 and then everytime you click the "x" to leave the site they offer you a massive discount on their crappy products. There is one price, end of story and I have made it so cheap that if you cannot afford it then you are best to stay working for a boss. How does just under 0.13pence a day sound. (Thats less than a quarter of the price of a packet of crisps) - let me be honest it is going to be £50 a year but I know that 0.13p a day sounds better.

Thats about it. Now I hear the next question coming what are we going to get for our 13p a day. Well my friends you are basically going to get the following:

1. Access to what I hope will be the best site for new marketers fed up with working for  a boss who want to work from home.

2. There will be loads of comprehensive videos (in plain English with nothiing left out) showing you how to set up an run lots of different businesses online for peanuts. None of this rubbish about just pressing 2 buttons and money floods into your bank with no work. I have been using the internet for business since 1995 and if you know of a business like that let me know. Truth is, that is all bullcrap,lining the pockets of the so called gurus who have no concience and could not care less if its ethical or not.

3. And heres the best bit. I wont just leave you in the lurch, I will give you my personal email and if I still cannot help you sort the problem, I have the software to link direct to your computer and go in and sort it. Let me just say I cannot sort out a technical computer fault, thats not my game. When it comes to computer workings I am a complete idiot but anything to do with the businesses and helping you to get going, I will be happy to help you.

4. I have so much faith in what you will gain from joining my membership site that firstly I will let you have a look around the members area for FREE before you join us.